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Diabetes in Children

Diabetes in Children

When a child is diagnosed with diabetes, most parents spend a lot of time worrying about the disease’s physical effects and whether they will need the help of a pediatric home health agency in Missouri City, Texas or not. What they fail to consider is that this may also affect their son or daughter emotionally.

CN HEALTHCARE, INC. provides excellent nursing care, so you won’t have to worry about managing your child’s symptoms by yourself. We want to highlight some emotional effects of being diagnosed with diabetes. Kids usually experience these emotions after finding out about their condition:

  • Isolation.
    Having diabetes can make a child feel different from their peers. A great way to address this is to listen to your child’s concerns and to reassure them that having this disease doesn’t make them weird or strange.
  • Denial.
    Your child might want to be like other kids and pretend to not have diabetes. This is dangerous if they skip blood sugar testing and taking medication. Try having them connect with other children who have diabetes, so they’ll have a support group.
  • Guilt.
    Some children may feel like getting diabetes is their fault or they’re causing problems for their family and teachers. Make them feel loved and supported, and reassure them that they’re not causing trouble or being a burden for others.
  • Resentment.
    Many kids resent the restriction that diabetes has put on them. Again, having a support group will help them get a more positive outlook in life and learn to accept their condition.

If you still have questions and concerns about your child, just give our home health agency in Houston, Texas a call so we can help you out.

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