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Asthma Management: Guidelines for Parents

Asthma Management: Guidelines for Parents

As parents, managing our child’s asthma can come with challenges. While the symptoms can be controlled, learning about triggers to avoid or treatments to take may take time to process. However, as a pediatric home health agency in Missouri City, Texas, we believe that with persistent learning, you will be able to acquire the best preparation in managing asthma.

Because of that, we would like to share some helpful guidelines to make asthma management more efficient for parents.

  • Create a Management Plan

    With guidance from our physician in our home health agency in Houston, Texas, create a care plan for your child’s asthma care. This includes specific instructions in terms of administering medications, preventing the triggers, and spotting symptoms easily. With this care plan, you will have a the good oversight in caring for your child’s health.

  • Adhere to Medication Instruction

    When your child is being prescribed with medicines, ensure that these are adhered to. Whether the medications are to be given daily or when the attack occurs, make sure that these timings are followed. If you have uncertainty, verify with your doctor if you have correctly understood how the medication is to be given.

  • Prevent Triggers

    Identifying the asthma triggers in your child may require extra effort on your part. You need to pay careful attention to what they have eaten, where they have been, or who they are with. If necessary, you can also consult with their pediatrician so your child can be tested for allergic reaction.

  • Immunize Your Child Against Flu

    Flu can be a major trigger for asthma. When a child with asthma acquires flu, they can be at risk for flare-ups, which can lead to further health complications.

When your child with asthma requires quality nursing care at home, you can call on our team to assist you. At CN HEALTHCARE, INC., we have a trusted team of pediatric healthcare professionals who can help you address the health needs of your little ones. Set an appointment with us to inquire about our services.

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