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Post-Hospital Care: Tips to Prevent Re-admission

Post-Hospital Care: Tips to Prevent Re-admission

No matter how short the stay, hospitalization of children is a major concern for parents. For that reason, parents do their best to prevent re-admission once the doctor gives the permission for discharge.

Depending on the child’s specific condition, you may or may not need the help of a pediatric home health agency in Missouri City, Texas. Whichever the case, it is comforting to know that parents can get the support they need in such a crucial time.

With that, here are helpful tips that you can use to prevent the chances of admitting them again to the hospital.

  • Know the Risks of Readmissions

    Depending on your child’s illness and treatments, their risk of getting re-admitted increases or decreases. If they need more focused level of care while they’re recovering, it’s best to provide them with pediatric nursing care at home.

  • Adhere to Medications

    Doctors will provide a set of medications and instructions to ensure your child’s total recovery. Be sure to adhere to these medications according to dosage, frequency, and timing.

  • Serve Healthy Meals

    When your young patient is also eating healthy meals at home, their immune system recovers faster. This gives them more strength to fight any possible infection while recovering.

  • Connect with the Doctor

    You need to know how to contact their doctor in case an emergency situation occurs. If you partner with a home health agency in Houston, Texas, you can also seek their medical advice if ever the doctor is not around.

  • Accept Visitations

    Your child’s mental and emotional health also matters during their recovery. When they’re strong enough to receive visitors, invite some of their friends to come over even for just an hour.

  • Keep them Moving

    Encourage your child to at least walk even to the bathroom. These short walks help build their physical strength that paves way to better recovery.

Would you like this kind of assistance for your child? Ask us how at CN HEALTHCARE, INC.

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